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3 years in the making and featuring the musical contributions of the entire rotating membership of the band, LookOut is a 12 track, 42 minute adventure in acoustic, alternative pop and the proudest achievement of Early Cartographers to date.

Including tracks produced and engineered by James Fosberry of BigDog Studios and John Sephton/Paul Harris of The Old Pig Farm (formerly G2 Studios), the album reveals both the epic and intimate ambitions of principal songwriter Ed Cartledge and the emotive arrangements and performance contributions of the band.

In recognition of the contribution to the band’s history made by former members such as Ad Follett, Nat Mortimer and Will Campbell, three of the album’s tracks are derived from the work of and dedicated to these songwriters. These tracks were, unusually, all recorded in single, live takes in a wooded area on the outskirts of Sheffield known as Limb Valley.

Local artist Cath Dunn accompanied the band on this excursion and produced the basis of the album’s artwork during the outdoor recording session.

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